Published at:
October 15, 2017
World Democracy
The time has come for a world democracy. With global Internet access it should be possible to
efficiently collect votes from most of the world population. Biometric identification can be used
to ensure a unique identity of each vote, and help to prevent voting fraud. Votes can be stored in
blockchains, which removes the need for centralized counting of votes. There are several reasons
why we should strive to get a world democracy:
Humanity is believed to have caused a mass extinction that is comparable to the mass ex-
tinction that occurred when the the dinosaurs went extinct[1], and according to the World
Wide Fund for Nature global biodiversity has declined by approximately 30% since 1970[2].
Conversely, it can take many million years to increase the global biodiversity by 30% with
the slow evolutionary processes that generate new species. Loss of biodiversity has been
shown to negatively influence humanity in numerous of ways[3]. We believe that policies to
reverse the decline in global biodiversity and prevent an ecological disaster must be imple-
mented globally. A new world government therefore seems to be required to deal with the
ecological issues that threaten this planet.
Global wealth inequality is currently enormous, with 0.7% of the richest people in the world
owning 45.6% of the world’s wealth, while 73.2% of the poorest people in the world own
only 2.4% of the world’s wealth[4] . In the current multinational world, there is competition
among countries to have the lowest taxes for the rich, since lower taxes for the rich tend
to attract businesses[5,6]. Billionaires also often place their money in ”tax havens” to avoid
paying taxes. Because of these loopholes, global wealth inequality continues to grow. With
a new world government, we can implement the same progressive tax system everywhere.
Then there will not be any opportunities for rich people to put their money in ”tax havens”,
and countries will not be allowed to reduce their taxes for the rich to attract businesses. We
might then progress towards a more egalitarian world economy.
Today superpowers are competing against each other to get the most destructive weapons.
The nuclear weapons we have today can destroy civilization as we know it[7] . With a new
world government we can order all the superpowers to get rid of their nuclear weapons,
and make our civilization much safer. We can also set a limit for how large national armies
can be, so that nations do not pose a threat to each other, and nations do not need to waste
so much money on military expenditures.
A new world government gives us the opportunity to implement the same civil rights for
all people in the world, and put an end to state-sponsored discrimination against women,
homosexuals and ethnic minorities.
With a new world government we can overthrow authoritarian regimes and make the entire
world democratic.
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